News & Events 10-04-2012

W.I.N. Conference

Dr. Zina Kyrikaos recently attended the Women in Leadership (WIN) Conference held in Rome titled “Make Space, Find Possibilties” from October 3-6 2012. The global conference provided an important opportunity for Dr. Kyriakos to meet with several business school professors and exchange knowledge and expertise, such as Senior Professor Beatrice Bauer from the “Bocconi School of Management” and Professor Julia Prats from the “IESE Business School” in Barcelona. Dr. Kyriakos was an active participant in the Conference, participating in four-day workshops on women empowering women; women leaders coming into their own: feminine leadership in action; managing the dark side of growth; creating tomorrow today; and an open dialogue on the power of gender diversity.

Dr. Kyriakos is also the founder of a NGO “Change and Development Foundation” (CFD) based in Beirut which attempts to tap into the wellspring of unexplored and latent talent of women as well as fashion programs to assist schools and universities in leadership development.